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2021 Christmas Fair

Svenska Kulturföreningen Vancouver

Welcome to 2021 Christmas Fair

Swedish Cultural Society's Christmas Fair

Saturday November 20, 11 am—4 pm
Sunday November 21, 11 am—4 pm


Swedish Café with open sandwiches, Christmas porridge, pastries, cookies, coffee, soft drinks, hot dogs and Glögg.


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Tips for Best Visitors’ Experience
  • The Swedish Christmas Fair will be held in accordance with all Covid-19 protocols.
  • Mandatory face masks for everybody 12+ years and mandatory check of proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 for everybody 12+ years before being allowed to enter.
  • We will manage the max occupancy rate for the building, and not exceed 100% of capacity.
  • Visitors might have to wait in line outside the entrance before being let in.
  • Upon entrance, please peruse the vendors’ tables first and make your purchases before visiting the Swedish Café.
  • We ask of all café patrons to exit the building and consume their foods and drinks outside in the big tent raised beside the stage.
  • Only a few seats for the very elderly and handicapped persons will be available indoors.
  • Please be respectful of others’ personal space.

god jul

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Swedish Cultural Society 2022 Membership

Renew your annual membership or become a new member at the Swedish Christmas Fair! Register at table #24.

Family Membership: $30 Single: $25

Register on-line by clicking here

Payment by cheque or cash or by e-transfer to scstreasury@gmail.com.

Annual Events includes:

  • Valborgsmässoafton—Walpurgis Cele- bration end of April
  • Swedish National Day Celebration June
  • Midsummer Festival co-hosted with the other Nordic societies in Mid-June
  • Swedish Christmas Fair in Mid-November
  • Lucia Pageant December
  • Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord at same time as evening performance of Lucia Procession

Other members events include movie nights, meet & greet evenings, book clubs, guest performances, language classes for children, youth and adults, hosted Swedish church services and pub nights.

The Swedish Cultural Society seeks to:

  • Preserve the traditional cultures of Sweden; art, music, dance, language, celebrations and keep up with evolving, modern Swedish culture.
  • Promote the understanding of Swedish communities and cultures in Canada.

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Scandinavian Centre floor plan, ground floor

  • 1. Old Fashion Handicrafts by Kaija Suni
  • 2. Arendina's Studio
  • 3. Robert Arnold
  • 4. Swedish-Canadian Village
  • 4. Swedish Heritage
  • 5. Red Dawn & Thorn Metaphysical
  • 6. Jessie Tse
  • 7.Cards and matted photos by Christer Waara
  • 8. Nordic Jul Decorations with Tina Praegel
  • 9. Inspired Turtle
  • 10. Dave Kolotelo
  • 11. FinnTrade
  • 12. (SAT) Metis Mama Felt Art
  • 13. Hope’s Cottage
  • 14. Barefoot Explorers’ Books
  • 15. Creative Leather Crafts
  • 16. FinnGoods
  • 17. Brigitte Schneitert
  • 18. Bill Arnott
  • 19. Arbonne International
  • 20. (SAT) Drömetta
  • 21. Frank Popisil
  • 22. Anne Bokic
  • 23.
  • 24. Swedish Cultural Society
Click here to red about some of our vendors

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Scandinavian Centre ground floor

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Scandinavian Centre top floor

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