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Swedish Language Classes

Svenska Kulturföreningen Vancouver

Adult Languages Classes

Swedish Language classes for adults are available at different levels. We meet once a week for a two hour session in the Swedish Room at the Scandinavian Centre. The focus is mainly on how to speak and to understand the Swedish language. We also explore Swedish traditions, customs and culture.

Some Swedish Vocabulary:
  • Tack = Thanks
  • Hej! = Hi!
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Beginners Language Classes

  • Beginners meet on Mondays between 7-9 PM

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Intermediate and Advanced Language Classes

  • The Intermediate group meet on Thursdays between 7-9 PM.
  • The Advanced group meet on Wednesdays between 7-9 pm
Membership in our society is required
From September 2018 the cost for 10 session will be $150. Classes and days may be different in the fall.
Contact Emmalena Fredriksson for information about language classes in the fall.
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How to become a member

and/or paying for a course.
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Single Membership ($25)
Family Membership ($30)
Communication in Swedish
Communication in English

To become a member. Please complete the registration form above and submit.

Kindly e-transfer to scstreasury@gmail.com with security question "Capital of Sweden" and answer " Stockholm".Course Cost is $150 for ten lessons (add to your E-transfer)

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